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Reviews on The Humbling 


An actor who gets so into his role that he cannot separate reality from fiction. An interesting premise and one that I was actually really looking forward to. Unfortunately, the premise of the movie was more interesting than the actual finished product. —Marsha  


The Humbling is just a bit okay for me, as I had much higher hopes for the film due to the talent involved. I expected a little solid drama based on the intriguing premise. Honestly, I’m always uncertain in giving low ratings to a film because there is always something that might be interesting to someone. I will give it a 2 out of 5 stars.  



The Humbling movie is one of those movies where the plot is far less interesting than what the movie is about. —Trixie 


The dialogue is clean and clear and well balanced with the minimalistic effects. This movie is better than those on a low budget. —Kay 


The Humbling movie feels closer to the intimate theater or film hybrid in its low film aesthetics and gently playful sense of art imitating life imitating art. Fronted by a vibrant, and deeply committed actor who gave a great performance and very fine support from the leading lady, this uneven but captivating film deserves to find its own audience, though doing so will surely prove to be an uphill climb. —Dianne