Welcome! This is our FAQs section, where you may find the answer to your question. We hope that you find this section useful as you browse through our website. If you have any question that is not answered here, you can write us an email. 


*Who can rate movies? 


Registered users can cast a rating from 1 to 10 stars for every released title on the database. You can update your rating as often as you’d like, but your new rating will overwrite the previous one, so it is one rating per title per user. 


*If I made a movie and would like you to review it. May I send it to you? Is it possible for you to give it a review? 


As much as we’d like to help, we must respectfully decline. The best thing for you to do is post a link to your movie somewhere online and encourage viewers to review it.  Just remember that we will write what we honestly think about your movie. We only review movies that have been shown or currently showing in cinemas.  


*The movie has received awards, great reviews, and deserves a much higher rating. In this case, can you update the rating? 


Our voting system offer a representation of what our users think of a film or show based on their votes. We do not collect or consider published reviews or critics’ ratings or any other external factor. Only votes cast by our users are counted. Sorry to say but we do not delete or change the individual votes for any individual movie. If the rating is lower than expected, it simply means that our users who voted have a different opinion than those reviewers who liked it. 


That’s all for now. We will post more FAQs next time.