About Us 

 Our site started as a personal review blog back in late 2010. We reviewed movies because it is our passion to watch movies and do movie marathons and discuss it amongst ourselves. But in 2012, we have decided to not just feature our own reviews. We have decided to also ask our audience to do their own reviews so that we have more people talking about a film and so that we offer diverse insights.  


Our Movie Review is led by concerned people and individuals with experience reviewing movies or films. The members have a broad range of views and backgrounds, but they all share a passion for movies. Every week we discover new movies, rate it and post in here on our website. Our site is one the most trusted guide when it comes to movie reviews. 


Movie Reviews in our website come from people who are guaranteed to have already watched the film. By giving your ratings, people who want to watch it will have an idea if they should watch the movie or not. For each title we review, we also provide a caution on its suitability for a specific age group.  


We provide a list of movies n our forum section with information per title. Each category is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars or someone leaves thoughts about the movie. If you find the section empty, it does mean that no one has reviewed it yet. If there are marks, that means someone has already given a rating.  


We hope that our website will help you find great movies. This time as the viewers rate the movie The Humbling, we would like to inspire you to either watch it or not based on how we find it.